The large dog comically grabs and holds the rabbit up with a fierce look on his face, while the rabbit looks scared. One smack later, and the dog is now lying unconscious on the ground with a big bump on his head, as the smaller female dog from before hit him. The rabbit is flabbergasted by this turn of events. In the vicinity, a small female kid dog is sitting on a large crate while eating a popsicle and watching the whole thing indifferently.

Gangway Goodbyes - 5



Hi! Welcome to my dumb comic. Thanks for checking it out.

This is where news will appear once there is actually news to share. For now I guess I'll just introduce myself and talk about what I'm doing.

I'm a programmer who likes to doodle when I have time. Working on this comic is helping me improve my art. I think. Either way, I'm having fun.

Cadelita is the story of a cartoon dog named Bia. Some of her quirks are based on my own dog's. Humor is the main focus here, and the comic's silent nature makes it accessible to just about anyone.

I also have a Crash Bandicoot fan site called Crash Mania. Check it out if you're into video games, platformers and/or marsupials.

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